Why cant i create an outpost?

Hello, i have a question.

I have tried to create an outpost for about 10 minutes and whenever i do /t create outpost it always says null, any help?

Give it a try again. It’s possible the chat was having problems. I’ve since restarted and updated a few things. You should get an error message back if there’s a problem. If that doesn’t fix it I will have to check with the Towny dev.

ok sans ty but i tried again and it still says null, am i doing the right command?

i dont mean to be rude… but i try again and again every day, a week has gone by and it still does not work. Im sorry if i sound a bit rude but when can it be fixed?

Have you exceeded your max outposts given your town size? Also how many outposts do you currently have? Using a command like this?

/t claim outpost 2