VPN and server bans

Right, so, I write things like this often enough, so you should know what to expect at this point.
Anyway, I think we should maybe do away with getting banned for trying to connect with a VPN. You might say “Oh, well just don’t try to connect with a VPN” but that’s easier said than done. If you’re like me, you probably just leave it on all the time for protection at all times, so it’s not just something you turn off when you boot up MineCraft. However, the server has a thing for this, as it requests for you to disconnect from your VPN or proxy when you try, so I can turn it off and then join, but I don’t think we should be issuing bans for people just needing a reminder

It’s doesn’t ban you straight out. However, it will warn you multiple times.

I’ve updated the behavior so that it just simply kicks you with no additional score keeping or warnings.