Unban Appeal for Fluppier

What is your IGN?:

Why did you get banned?:

Who banned you?:

Have you ever been banned before, and if so, why?:

What will you change to not get banned again?:
I will not break into a house just to stay away from mobs.

Additional comments:
It says that the reason for ban was griefing, yet the only sort of griefing i did was breaking one block to a glass dome so I can escape a group of mobs. I was also planning on placing back the glass. Before I was banned I was also requesting assistance from the admin on at the time, SmallSansSerif, about the policies of staying inside of a base without permission and if an abandonded base and breaking a block in it would be considered griefing. I also have two brothers who were banned to due to ip, so if it would be okay can they be unbanned but i cannot, thank you.

To elaborate more on the points I said before. The base I was staying in was abandoned, it had no house, few chest, and all of its surrounding areas, like it’s bee farm, was harvested like it was taken and moved to another location. During the time I broke in it was night and I needed a place to stay and regroup, so I found a nice globe where I stayed. The globe had no entrance so I essentially had to break a block to get in, and plus I was going to replace the block after when I was done. Also, before I was banned I was on chat asking for the admin as I had a question specifically about the topic of the base and if it was okay. If I cannot be unbanned, could my two brothers accounts be unbanned then, they are cahase_ and Babin_ who have been playing on this server for almost a week. One final thing, my other brother Cahase_ got banned as well for briefing but he was unbanned so I am wondering if I would also be unbanned after a while, like if the ban was temporary or not.