Tutorial At Spawn

I’ve found a lot of newer players just skip the tutorial and go to explore spawn. I’m wondering if it would be a good idea to rework spawn a bit so the tutorial is easier and more interesting to follow so newer players might be more familiar with the server mechanics and rules.

Also, here’s a gif I made regarding how we welcome newer players here

Love this idea and there’s a few different parts to it, I would be willing to help with ideas and execution if need be, I absolutely adore what you got going on there.

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I have the ability to force first time joins into a linear area to go through a tutorial. I’m your opinion what are the most important things to communicate to new users in a short amount of time before people bail and leave?

If we’ll discuss rules there, too, then the No PVP one, no griefing one, and make the resource world abundantly clear. Other than rules, I’d say jobs and the race guy because a lot of people end up asking in chat for how that stuff works. Maybe start with the most fun and interesting stuff first? Also, I think we should tell new players how the death chest system works because lots of them die and the ragequit without realising their stuff isn’t lost.

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Maybe instead of a walk-through with floating text, we have something that you have to confirm that you read the rules and tips with a button or pressure plate and command blocks or something. Won’t be 100% effective but it’ll increase the amount of knowledge the player is presented with immediately.

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So, I’ve been thinking, and new players are still skipping the tutorial. What if when you first join, it spawns you infront of the tutorial thing or inside it instead of it being off to the right?

They actually do spawn right in front of it when you are a new player. After first join you spawn at the normal spawn point.

Huh. Well, never mind, then.