[Towny Survival] Quality of Life Changes

Hey, I’ve been on this server quite a bit and felt as a player there should be some benefits as a worker for the jobs plugin. If there is a way, or even a manner, to increase wages for every block mined based on level, I would love it if you would make it possible for players who reach a good level around 100, 150, 200, 250, etc. There should be an incremental change or a bonus for reaching this level. Job Bonuses should be put into place based on reaching levels that aren’t skill-based, Ie. “Superbreaker at LVL 50.”

Why did I think of this? Well, I thought of this because as workers work for many hours, they find new ways of being efficient at their job. If the worker becomes efficient at doing their job, the prospector (the boss) is proud of their work, and they earned a better wage or even a raise.
Or perhaps job bonuses, for reaching a higher level you get a flat amount of money, for your hard work and dedication. I.e. “Good Job of reaching miner LVL 200, here’s your bonus of 2000.”

“If the workers are happy, they will continue to do their job.”

As an MVP+, I have loved the addition of Bosses being part of the pet collection. The only thing that I feel needs to be added is more slots for pets. It breaks my heart to see a full Hotbar and not being able to use that many slots as pets. Maybe 9 is a bit much, but having 5-6 Pets as an MVP+, is a lot better than 2 more pets.

NPC Vendors
Don’t get me wrong, the vendors have nice items in stock but they have insanely high prices. Yes, I understand that most of the spawners that these vendors sell are ridiculous and are basically for “collecting”.But some spawners like the “Creeper Spawner” can provide players with much-needed resources such as gunpowder for many uses, I.e TNT for Netherite farming, or rockets for elytras.

All I’m asking is for the Shop vendors to lower their prices, down a notch preferably a viable number such as 20-30k.

  • Important Note: This will help our economy grow “as more people demand this resource more will go out of their way to attain this resource to sell.”

Posted By Sinbood

Thanks for sharing your ideas Sinbood. We will research the Jobs suggestions that you recently shared via @modmail too.

As far as the spawner prices from the NPC vendor, they were recently reduced in half and I don’t think that they will be further reduced at this time.

We don’t really want to make any further expansion of how many Pets in ranks at least in its current form as the developer had recently become inactive and turned over development to someone new that was taking a different direction. We were really close to ditching the current Pets in favor of a similar solution recently. Stay tuned on Pets as we might have to make a change in direction down the road. There’s some other options to consider.

We’ve revamped Jobs. You may now work 3 jobs now, added quests into the jobs as well as added /quests to the game to add additional rewards. See #changelog in Discord. Enjoy!