Towny Siege War Intro and User Guide

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The user guide was recently updated to read even more clearly about the rules for peaceful towns (including the recent updates).


  • Siege War is a minimally destructive, war-on-demand system, focusing on geo-politics.
  • Siege War facilitates attacks on towns (whether in-nation or neutral) by nations. These attacks are known as ‘sieges’, and are started on demand by player kings/generals.
  • Siege War is (by default) completely non-destructive to towns:
    • If a town is captured after being defeated in a siege, it will be captured in its entirety, leaving the mayor in place, with no changes to plot perms. The victorious nation is cast as an ‘occupying power’.
    • If a town is plundered after being defeated in a siege, it will lose some money, but even if it runs out of money it will not be destroyed, but rather set to a ‘bankrupt’ state, where the town cannot recruit, claim, or build until the debt is repaid.
    • Optionally, SiegeWar can be configured to be more destructive by disabling the bankruptcy feature, thus causing bankrupted towns to fall into a ruined state where town structures can be destroyed and items stolen from chests.
  • Siege War also provides a ‘Peacefulness’ mechanic for towns which want to live in peace. This feature allows a town to become immune to sieges and taxes, in return for giving up some control over its national destiny, and causing its residents to experience ‘war allergy’ if they approach a siege zone.
  • Siege War facilitates on-demand attacks, but also gives defending players enough time to respond effectively (particularly ‘casual’ and ‘cross-timezone’ players). Thus, unless the defender surrenders or the attacker abandons, sieges last a moderate duration (typically 3 days).

Q. My town is peaceful and does not wish to fight. What can I do?

A. The mayor should toggle the town to peaceful using “/t toggle peaceful”. See the user guide for more details.


  • The mechanics of SiegeWar are quite straightforward. Here are the basics:
    • Start a Siege: Place a coloured banner next to an enemy town.
    • Score Siege Points - Banner Control: As an attacker or defender, occupy the wilderness area close to the siege-banner for 10 minutes, thus gaining ‘banner control’, which provides small but constant point increases every few seconds.
    • Score Siege Points - Kill: As an attacker or defender, score high siege points by killing enemy players in a wide radius around the the siege banner.
    • Win Siege: When the siege-victory-timer hits 0, the side with the best siege-points total wins.
    • Plunder Town: If the attacker has won, they may place a chest outside the the town. This will ‘plunder’ the town of X gold, and transfer the loot to the victorious nation. Towns which run out of money will go ‘bankrupt’, where perms are still protected, but the town is in debt.
    • Capture Town: If the attacker has won, they may place a second coloured banner outside the town. This will capture the town, and forcibly add it to the victorious nation (which it cannot leave for a few days).


| For ages, the nation of the Stone Dwarves has eyed with greed the fertile lands of the Elven Woodland realm, across the river.
| A new king, Skullsplitter101, has recently ascended to the Granite throne, and now in the great hall he steels his troops for war.
| With banners ready, and diamond swords sharp, 10 dwarves emerge from their capital and march across the river, stopping at the cut stone walls of the town of Woodlandia.
00:00:00 | With one swift action, the dwarvish king takes out a banner, and plants it outside the walls. A global message goes out - A siege has begun!.
00:00:05 | BATTLE!!! After just 5 minutes preparation time, the brave citizens of Woodlandia rush into action. 3 online players in the town charge out to attack the dwarves. They fight bravely but are cut down.
The elves fall back and regroup.
00:00:30 | The dwarves, having gained banner control and with many soldiers now on the banner control list, feel that this will be a walkover. They appoint one player as a sentry, who occasionally checks the siege zone for danger, while the other dwarves go back to mining, building, and trading.
00:02:00 | The elves have finally organized a group of 5 players to repel the dwarves, and march to the siege zone. They find it unoccupied and secure the area.
00:03:00 | The dvarvish sentry returns, discovers the enemy, and raises the alarm. 6 dwarves march to the siege zone.
00:04:00 | CLOSE BATTLE!!!. A furious battle results in many casualties, and the elves are driven off. Both sides retire for the day.
00:05:00 to 00:23:00 | Some casual players come and go, with many minor skirmishes at the siegezone. Generally the dwarves hold.
01:00:00 | This is a day for diplomacy, with elvish envoys sent far and wide for reinforcements.
Eventually the Kingdom of Necromancers answer the call and agrees to come.
02:03:00 | EASY BATTLE!!! Finally the elves are ready to strike back. The elves and necromancers group up and at the command from the elvish king, 8 players charge into the siege zone. 3 dwarves are butchered like hogs and the alliance secures the area.
02:21:00 | DECISIVE BATTLE!!! The dwarvish counterrattack comes in force, but it is too late. The elves and necromancers have overcome the previous points difference, hold firm, and are victorious!.
03:00:00 | As secretly agreed previously, the elves then accept a handful of rings from the necromancers…but that’s a different story…


  • Sieges are between nations - who attack, and towns - who defend.
  • A nation starts a siege when the king (or a general) places a coloured banner (known as the “siege banner”) just outside the target town.
    • Each nation can have a maximum of 3 attack sieges at any one time.
    • Peaceful towns, and recently besieged towns, cannot be attacked.
  • Players win sieges by holding the ground within 16 blocks of the siege banner (the “timed point zone”), and/or by killing enemy soldiers within 150 blocks of the siege banner (the “siege zone”).
    • Allied nations can fully contribute to each other’s sieges.
    • If a soldier dies in the siege zone, their items are kept but weapon/armour/tool durability is degraded by 10%.
      IMPORTANT: This feature is essential for a good server experience. The benefits are discussed in detail here.
    • Bonus kill points are awarded if the enemy side has banner control.
      IMPORTANT: This feature is essential for a good server experience. The benefits are discussed in detail here
    • Fighting is organised into 1-hour “battle sessions” for each player. After each session, the player gets a 10 minute enforced break from combat (moderating fatigue).
      IMPORTANT: This is not a ‘fun’ feature, and can be unpopular. Its purpose is to help servers look after the mental health of their players.
  • Max siege duration is 3 days (this is important to allow players enough time to respond to siege attacks, especially casual & cross-timezone players)
    • Town structures & stored items remain safe during this time (because town perm protections are unaffected.
    • At the end of the max siege duration, the side with the best points is declared the winner.
    • Sieges can also be ended early, if the attacker abandons, or the defender surrenders.
  • Towns can be captured after being defeated in a siege (adding the town to the victorious nation, with no change of mayor).
    • An occupied town can revolt after 10 days, freeing themselves from the occupying nation.
  • Towns can be plundered after being defeated in a siege (transferring money from the town to the victorious nation).
    • A plundered town cannot fall due to the money loss (it can only go ‘bankrupt’, preserving the town completely but blocking building/claiming/recruitment).
  • Peaceful towns can opt out of war (by toggling peaceful, a town receives immunity from siege attacks & taxes. In return, its nation choice is more restricted, and its residents suffer from ‘war allergy’ if they approach a siege zone).


  • Attack town - As a king or general, place a coloured banner in the wilderness close to a town. This action will initiate a new siege on the town. $20/plot will be deposited into a ‘war-chest’, which will be automatically recovered by the siege winner. While under siege, the town has PVP forced-on, cannot recruit new residents, cannot claim/unclaim land, and only residents can spawn there.
  • Gain Siege Points:
    • Banner Control - As a military-ranked attacked or defender, gain banner control for your side, by remaining alive and within 16 blocks of the siege-banner for 10 minutes. Once your side has banner control, 30 siege-points will be awarded automatically every minute for each player on the banner control list. Banner is control is lost once all players on the list log off.
    • Kill Enemy - As an attacker or defender, kill enemy players of military rank, within 150 blocks of the siege-banner. The side without banner control gets a +10% kill point bonus for each enemy player on the banner control list.
      • The base siege point gain is 150 per enemy death.
      • The bonus means that individual battles are not straight-up kill & control contests. The advancing army (i.e. the side without banner control) will be rewarded for “kill all enemy soldiers” tactics, while the holding army (i.e. the side with banner control), will be rewarded for “hold the ground and try not to die” tactics. The larger the BC list, the more chance the holding army will find itself incurring too many casualties, and will be forced to withdraw and regroup.
  • Win Siege - Be the side with the best score when the siege-victory-timer hits zero. The attacker requires positive points to win. The defender requires negative points to win.
  • Plunder town - As an attacking king or general, after the siege is won, place a chest in the wilderness close to the town. This action will rob the town of $40/plot, transferring it to the plundering nation.
  • Capture town - As an attacking king or general, after the siege is won, place a coloured banner in the wilderness close to the town. This action will temporarily capture the town, forcibly adding it to the nation for 10 days. The town will be in an ‘occupied’ state, in which it cannot surrender, and residents cannot affect siege points. It can escape this state later (see the ‘revolt’ command below).
  • Abandon attack - As an attacking king or general, place an all-white banner in the wilderness close to the town.
  • Surrender town - As the defending mayor, place an all-white banner anywhere in the town.



  • View Information:
    • Siege - /sw hud [town name] - Toggle a convenient HUD on/off, to monitor the progress of a particular siege.
    • Town - /t or /t here or /t [town name] - Check if the given town is under siege, and view detailed information about the siege (if any).
    • Nation - /n [nation name] - View a list of all sieges the given nation is involved in (if any).
  • Assign Military Ranks:
    • Town - /t rank add [player name] [rank] - As a mayor, assign ranks: guard, sheriff. Both can gain banner control in defence of the town, but only the mayor can execute a siege surrender.
    • Nation - /n rank add [player name] [rank] - As a king, assign ranks: soldier, general. Both can gain banner control in sieges. Kings and generals can also execute siege attack/abandon/invade/plunder.
  • Revolt - /n leave - As a mayor, immediately leave your current nation. This action is considered a ‘revolt’ (regardless of whether you are occupied or not), and requires that your town does not have an active ‘revolt cooldown’. This action will send a global message to let the server know you have revolted against the nation!. If you wish to leave quietly, you must convince the king to remove your town using the relevant nation command.
  • Ruin Town - /t delete - As a mayor, deny your town to an invader. Your town will enter a ruined state for 3 days, after which full deletion occurs. In this state, all perm protections are disabled.
    • Reclaim Town - /t reclaim - As a resident, if your town falls into ruin, then after 24 hrs. have passed, reclaim it and become mayor.
  • Claim Nation Refund - /sw nation refund (if using SiegeWar.jar) or /n refund (if using Towny-with-SiegeWar.jar) - As a king, if your nation gets deleted for any reason, including capture of your last town, you will be refunded(80%) of the initial setup cost. This command claims that refund.
  • Toggle Town Peacefulness - /t toggle peaceful - As a mayor, declare your town to be peaceful. The status will be confirmed in 5 days (2 days if the town is new). Once confirmed, the town becomes immune to sieges, taxes, & nationality-spawn-restrictions. It gets a public /t spawn (if it didn’t have one already). Nation choice is more restricted, the town can only choose a nation which has a ‘guardian town’ with 75 chunks. A town qualifies as a guardian town if it has 30 plots or more, not-peaceful, not sieged, not recently-sieged, and the nation is open. Peaceful Town residents cannot receive nation-military ranks, and are afflicted by ‘war allergy’ if they enter a siege zone.

Any dollar amounts or quantities in this example are subject to change and are used as an example.