Towny Server - Season 1 World File Backup

For those who would like to have a look around the old CerealLand Towny server world (spawn area removed), here’s a zip file to unzip and place in your Minecraft world save folder. Have fun visiting all the old builds and exploring.

Warning: It’s rather large at 13.27GB. You MUST use Minecraft 1.16.3 or later to load world.
URL removed temporarily.

We hope you can join us on CerealLand at for new adventures and new builds with all of the new blocks available in the latest Minecraft!

I’m so glad that the map was preserved :slight_smile:

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The season 2 of the Towny worlds will be up in a few days. I’m targeting this weekend if all goes well.

The Season 2? What’s that mean?

A new worlds and economy.