Towny Cultures add-on for Towny



  • TownyCultures is an add on plugin for Towny, which enables “cultures” on Towny servers.


  • Each town has a ‘culture’ e.g. “Greek”, “Celtic”, “Roman”, “Azurian” etc.
  • Each town culture is displayed on the Town screen.
  • Town residents can communicate with all other town residents of the same culture (regardless of nation),
    using the Culture Channel: /cc <message>.
  • Town culture is fluid and dynamic. There is no central administrator for each culture.
    A new culture can be created by a mayor, using: /c set <culture>.
    The same command can be used to join an existing culture.
  • Nations do not create or specify culture in this way.
    Instead their culture is the sum of whichever cultures their component towns identify with,
    and/or whichever culture(s) they might claim to be affiliated with.
  • Culture is important in war-time, because although a town might be captured by an enemy nation,
    the residents can continue communicating with their friends in the same culture,
    using the Culture Channel: /cc <message>.


- `/cc <message>` - As a town resident, talk to others in the same culture
- `/c set culture` - As a mayor, have the town create or join a culture