Towns List and info!

Hi! Here’s a friendly list of all the towns. I’ve never been to a town, and this will be updated forthwith. PM me if you want to add info about your town!
(listed by alphabetical order)

  • Alexandria Maxelin - The city of Alexandria Maxelin is a lovely little town situated in both a dark oak forest and a plains biome! The city has a large underground vault full of farms, storage, and an enchantment station. With a population of 2, it is small and growing! If you like a small community with lovely scenery for the lumberjack job, go to Alexandria Maxelin.
  • Boochi - The lovely town of Boochi is large town with population growing! With a huge mushroom spawn and a pretty little farm and solemn graveyard to Boochi, the hamlet of Boochi is a wonderful place to see! In a plains and forest biome, Boochi is full of nature and fun for everyone.
  • Bugrerville - Burgerville is a WIP nestled in plains/birch forest/oak forest. The current Bugerville is just the entree of what is to come.
  • Celestial Realm - (Unknown, town does not have a spawn set at the time of writing)
  • Emerald City - Emerald City is a nice place near an ocean, plains, and forest biome! With lovely pathways and beautiful bridges, Emerald City is the place to see and visit - and maybe even live in!
  • Mystic Heights - Mystic Heights is the largest town on the server currently, with 7 residents! Owned by the industrious MamiKyla, Mystic Heights is a pretty darn neat town to be in. with an interesting spawn and many people to meet and greet, Mystic Heights is a good time all round!
  • Nova Empire - Nova Empire is an awesome town if you love pets! With almost every animal in the game, Nova Empire boasts a great tower as its spawn. With storage, farms, and anything you’ll ever need, Nova Empire is a nice town.
  • Rapture - I may be biased here, as I’m one of the founding members of Rapture. However! Rapture is CerealLand’s first Underwater City: Rapture is for when you’re interested in the ocean, and an escape from the sun and to have fun!
  • Runeswick - (unknown, town is private)
  • TheSmusicians- TheSmusicians is a nice town near a swamp. Want farming, and interesting redstone contraptions? Come to TheSmusicians!
  • Utopia - Utopia is a pretty town, with wonderfully kept greenery and beautiful modern houses. If you want to keep up with the latest building trends IRL, come to Utopia! It’s a dream.
  • Vardenfel - Vardenfel is an amazing castle, with much more to come!

Thank you for reading, and if I’ve got any of the information wrong, let me know: either on the forums/discord (n6vi on discord) or in game!


You haven’t even put down Lowell on this list

you should add the other 50 towns