The Modded Minecraft Server

Hi everyone ,
My name is NecroETX/ TheDarkMageFTW(Minecraft IGN), I wrote this topic in the Cerealland Forum to tell you about the wonderful community on the Minecraft Modded Server (, which is running the “Brunch Pack” which was made by the wonderful SmallSansSerif, This server is a lite pack which means you should only need to allocate 4gb of ram. The modpack is a tech based modpack with some elements of magic (botania, thaumcraft (I do not know if to include PSI as it has hints of maths(Trigonometry))). This is a growing server with only 7/8 players that have played on the server but it would be nice if more and more people joined. To join you need to first download the Twitch/Curse Launcher which you can find here ( Secondly you need to click on the mods tab which is located at the top of the launcher, thirdly you need to click on the Minecraft profile, then you need to search for Brunch in Browse All Modpack(To allocate more memory you can go to settings by pressing ctrl + comma at the same time, then you go to minecraft and scroll to the bottom where you can drag a slider across to allocate as much memory as you want). Finally you just need to press play on the modpack (You need to log into minecraft when you play it). I would be happy for you to join the modded server but be careful there may or may not be a rogue wither roaming my base where n6vi, Telren and I live.
Here is a guide if you want to follow a youtube video
Much Regards,
NecroETX/TheDarkMageFTW :smiley:


Thanks NecroETX! I’ll be sure to check it out.

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I am now updating this by adding if you want to play other modpacks from other launchers, here are the links to the launchers.

this allows you to have modpacks from all but you need to import them into it.

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