Staff, Helper Application

Hello, I hope you read my application and think well and hard about it!!! My in game name is Hello_MTheydy. I live in the eastern standard time zone. I’ve been playing Minecraft for about 5-7 years, (sorry I cannot remember the exact amount of years.) I have been on the server for around 2 months, (September 5th to be exact.) I am pretty active my current play time is 7 days, 4 hours, and 49 minutes. Depending on the day I can be on from anything from 1-10 hours. I have been banned from this server once from a simple misunderstanding that was fixed easily. If you know me in game, you’d know that I help EVERYONE, a lot of people on the server can tell you how helpful I am with everything. I help people collect materials, build, and help people with how the server works! I also sometimes help with different kinds of commands which people ask about! I have had times where I give people money from the fishing tournament because I feel as if they should have won. If you need more references you can refer to Famility. I hope you take the time to read over this and sorry if it isn’t clear for what I’m saying!! I referred to someone else’s letter and only realized at the end that I wasn’t using the correct format. I hope you have a good day!!!

~ Hello_MTheydy

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