Some command ideas

/sit to make your player sit like in a Minecart, this would be a fun and cool idea to do! Same as being able to sit on stairs,
/sell be able to sell certian items for money such as mob drops, and farming resources.
/goods buy stuff for money with categories, such as Blocks, Farming, Valuables.

That’s it for now, another thing is hoppers are glitched and id like for them to be taken a look at, thanks for reading

Thanks for the ideas.

Hoppers are working however people are often confused by interactions with locked containers like furnaces and chests.

In order to use a hopper in the simplest way just /unlock the chest or furnace it’s attached to. This is a feature of the locking plugin to keep people from sucking items out of locked chests with hoppers.

There’s also a way to keep the furnace or chest locked by using a different command which will allow the container to stay locked:

/lwc flag hopper on

After using the command you have to punch the furnace or chest to apply the command.