Server Economy Suggestions

I am confused about how the server is supposed to be played in regards to the economy. The spawner prices seem to be extremely high. I think the only spawner that had a chance to making its money back are the ones you find yourself or vindicators. Why is everyone saving up for spawners that wont make money. And natural Enderman farms can be very fast yet the spawners have such a high price. Possible solutions would be a server shop is added or spawners cheapened.

well for me to get spawners is to have it for my my job which is an enchanter and a weapon smith which when i enchant and repair i can get money back, they are also expensive as you can combine spawners if you have more than one which increase spawn rates

But like for enchanting you aren’t gonna stack spawners that cost over 400k, id rather just use blaze spawners. Blaze spawners work fast and having like a lot of 700k enderman spawners will never be better than blaze spawners for xp.

i didnt pay anything for mine just found some zombie spawners