Retxabtheboy's Helper Application

What is your IGN?
My IGN is Retxabtheboy

Do you have any past experiences in a staff position?
I’ve got a little bit of experience moderating Discord server’s but little to none on Minecraft

What timezone do you live in?
I live in Eastern Daylight Time

How long have you been playing MineCraft?
On this account, a few months, but Minecraft in general since about 2012

How long have you been on this server, and how active are you?
I have been playing for 2-3 months from mid-to late July 2019 to the present. I am rather active, I generally log on at about 3:00 on weekdays and play on and off until 8 (although I’m sometimes much more active). The only times I am unavailable are during my school hours (8:15 - 3:00), after 5 on Wednesdays and (normally) every second weekend.

Have you ever been banned before, and if so why?
I have never been banned before and I intend to keep it that way

What can you contribute to the server as a staff member?
I always try to help new players and just players with questions to the best of my ability. I feel that teaching players things instead of making them figure it out on their own will both make them like the server more and be a better member of the community

Additional comments
I’m sometimes rather sporting in scoldings and stuff. I likely won’t give out too many warns, but will tell people to stop doing what they’re doing :slight_smile: