New Market Layout?

So I use the market a lot, as many people who have money probably do on this server. I’m not sure how much of an issue this is to other people, but I find it quite annoying searching between shops in the current, straight line layout. I think maybe having a more square, plaza-like layout could make it much easier to get between stores. Perhaps even have two layers making use of the diamond elevator plugin in order to keep the shops closer together. And perhaps even smaller shops that cost less, for people who want to sell but don’t want to spend $500 a day since they only have 3 or 4 products. They could be like little tents or carts or similar towards the middle of the plaza (maybe something like Flavortown’s market, next to the current city hall.) Of course, I know how much of a pain this would be to actually implement, but I hope this suggestion is taken into consideration.

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I think these kind of ideas implemented into the server player market would be magnificent and convenient! Though I do wonder how this would be designed and laid out however since the admins of CerealLand are in-charge.