Mr__Garlic's Helper Application

What is your IGN?:

Do you have past experience in a staff position?:
I was an admin on a server in the past, and held that position for about a year before retiring. I’ve also had experience managing a group as a drum major in marching band.

What timezone do you live in?:
EDT (GMT -4:00)

How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
About 9 years, but I stopped playing briefly in 2016-2017.

How long have you been on the server, and how active are you?:
I’ve been on the server a little over a month now, and I spend about 3-4 hours on per day, throughout the day.

Have you ever been banned before, and if so, why?:
I’ve never been banned.

What can you contribute to the server as a staff member?:
A lot of the times I’m on, there are no staff members on, but there are a lot of players and chat can get a little crazy. In addition, I have previous experience as staff and am familiar with management. I’m also always willing to help or answer any questions players may have.