Mail plugin? (Edit, used to say message)

I think an in-game mail plugin would be very useful, especially to those who can’t use Discord. I’ve seen a 1.12 server use one, so I don’t know if there’s a plugin for 1.13, but it would be nice.


Could you elaborate on the kind of in-game message plugin you are referring to? I believe we already have the /msg command, unless you are speaking of something else.

@Ethoral2 I think Crystal is referring to a in-game mail system plugin. Where a player doesn’t need to be online to receive mail, unlike the one we have now. It’s only useable. if the player is online.

Personally I think we could all benefit from having a plugin where we can send mail to offline players. I like this suggestion hopefully Snas sees this.


If that’s the case, I would agree to that kind of plugin being implemented in.


Oh, sorry, I meant to say mail.

As someone who is unable to use discord due to personal issues, I believe this would help those who have the same issue.