Inactivity Is Among Us

It seems that most of the staff is semi-inactive and the most active that I generally see is mousie and Garlic. It also seems that a large amount of the community is willing to help, including me. I feel like it would be genuinely beneficial for the server to pick some new staff and/or elect someone as another event manager to involve the community. Garlic and Mousie’s build contest was one of the recent peak player counts i’ve seen in recent times, and it’s not even just the player counts; the experience was actually really fun. I am not saying even need to be a staff, but I really want to see the server continue to be a fun experience. Whether I’m a part of making it that or not isn’t up to me; but I feel like something needs to be done somewhere. I am not blaming the inactive people, I just want the best for the server


I concur, the owner as not been seen for sometime and the lack of staff is making the server look abandoned. Servers now need to offer more than just a place to build, it needs good staff that have planed activities and competitions, to keep the members interested and active

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I know Sans (server owner) is a super busy guy, that’s why he hasn’t been on, he’s still active on the forums and modmail. But lack of things going on has even me struggling to find things to do, which is upsetting with the amount of cool and fun plugins that it seems impossible to be bored.

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I’ve seen Sans around and Seal, too, but I agree that something should be done to make the server seem less, I dunno, empty? Maybe more community events like build contests, Team PVP matches, etc.

I have been fairly busy IRL but am working often behind the scenes to keep things running. Most recently getting the server working on 1.15.2.

I would love it if you or other players organized some community events. Want a PVP or build contest? Just start something and get people interested either here or on Discord.

We also need to focus on voting regularly to help with our overall rankings on server lists and attracting and welcoming new players by inviting them into towns, etc.

As always I’m always anxious to hear ideas so keep them coming.

Can we do a crusade? :smiley:

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Take back the Boly land

Yeah! This time we ask Sands first.