I'm hosting a contest!

Hey guys! PouchCotato12 here! I know I’m not the event manager or anything, but since the community has done so much for me, I wanted to do something for the community!

 This contest is simple. All contestants will empty their inventory before the contest begins. They will then be placed in a 2x2 chunk area, 32x32 blocks to be specific. They will have 30 minutes to race to find one of the 3 diamond ores placed by me, so they will be tricky to find, and craft a jukebox. After they craft a jukebox, they will have to find one of the 3 chests hidden below. Each chest has one music disc in it. Once you get all the required items, place your jukebox on a pedestal on the surface, insert the music disc, and do your best victory dance! The prizes for first, second, and third are as followed.

   #1: Elytra
   #2: 5k In-Game Cash
   #3: Diamonds!

 All runners up will receive a random participation prize from a dispenser full of random treasure! If you want to participate in this contest, please say that you will in the comments below, and thank you! The contest will be held on February 22nd, 9:00 am Eastern Standard Time. Hope you can make it! 


#1: No pvp
#2: Don’t mine more than one diamond ore
#3: No cheating
#4 Have fun!

 Also, if any mods/helpers would like to help out and keep an eye on the people below, that would very much be appreciated! ;)

I had no idea that the text would be like that above, sorry!


I’m sorry, everybody but I will have to postpone the event for a week due to some unexpected plans. The event will now be held on February 29th at the same time. Thank you for your consideration.

Never mind people, my family’s plans have changed. My family is very unpredictable!