I Have A Question About Hoppers

I did not know what category to pick so i just chose this one. Anyways, whenever i make my redstone projects that involve hoppers, it is really hard because the hoppers do not suck up items as fast as they normally do, so it is really hard to get the right timing for my project to work correctly. And sometimes, they do not even work at all. I would really appreciate a answer of why this is so. I understand if you cannot give me an answer, I would just like to know.

The hoppers might behave slightly differently as the server isn’t running vanilla server software rather an optimized server software for multiplayer.

So it’s not broken right but it takes you time to tweak timings a bit?

well, like i said, i didn’t know which category to pick. and the hoppers themselves are not broken, i was just wondering cause one of my specific projects doesn’t work because of it

Some zero tick machines will not work as well. What is the specific machine? Is there a video you can link?

i could record a quick video showing you what it is, but it will probably be Tuesday, because i’m on vacation

ok, i actually managed to do it today, so here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TokqlpPQiqo&feature=youtu.be and when you get done watching it, plz tell em when to delete it