Hobointheblender ban appeal 👍

What is your IGN?: hobointheblender

Why did you get banned?: i cracked a crude joke which stepped too far over what was acceptable in the community guidelines.

Who banned you?: SmallSansSerif

Have you ever been banned before, and if so, why?: I have never been banned before in this community

What will you change to not get banned again?: i will revise the rules carefully to assure that I do not step outside the set guidelines again.

Additional comments:
I would like to begin by saying I’m so sorry for the way I behaved on the server today. I shouldn’t have said what I said on a family friendly server even though I intended it as a light hearted joke. Now I understand that my humour may not be suitable for all audiences and I wish to make amends through this appeal. I will make sure to thoroughly revise the rules before I rejoin the server so that I may be of better conscience to not make such jokes again. To recap what happened. I had cracked a joke about an over priced bucket of milk on auction called “Baby Juice”, this resulted in me justly receiving a ban from Sans. To amend my behaviour I will begin minding my words and keeping in mind that those around me may not agree with the same humour i use.

Not gonna lie the whole family friendly idea is pretty dumb for this server

No it’s not. It’s a family server and we took the humour too far. That’s all there is to it