Flying pets in resource worlds

I understand that this is a very recent change. However, after talking to some individuals, it seems like many people agree with me that people should be able to fly in the resource worlds (excluding the end). I know the reason behind not being able to fly is fairness but at some point, I think the members on the server who have put in the time to get a flying pet should be able to use them in more than just the town world.

I know the reason this is disabled in the end is that it makes it too easy to reach end cities, which are very limited. For this reason, the rule makes sense. However, I don’t think the same rules should apply in the overworld and the nether resource. Players should gradually unlock certain perks if they work for it. Someone who has spent months on the server is going to have an advantage over someone who just joined. Why nerf their advantages in the only worlds where they can get resources. I know that elytras still work, but those cost 72 diamonds. Not to preach the slippery slope concept, but are people more likely to xray diamonds if it means that they can fly in the resource? I don’t know.

I spent over an hour in the nether killing pig zombies so that I could fly when the resource world comes around. Was that all for nothing. I know there are perks to flying in the main world, but you can’t look for resources in the main world. I just feel that pet flying is the best means of travel in the resource world. If people work for a perk, why take it away in a place where that perk is useful?


I agree. It takes a long time to get a pet that can fly due to the past nerf to MyPet. It’s a lot of fun just flying around in resource as well.