Flower Festival

Hi everyone! You are all invited to the Flower Festival in Thimblebean Town! If you are in the squeak discord you will also see this information there when it gets closer to the date. Starting on the 16th of March, to the 22nd of March, Thimblebean will be hosting their first-ever, annual flower festival! Purchase treats, play a carnival game and vote for who you want to win, to be the Flower Queen/King/Royal! I will count votes on the 20th, and will contact the winner! There will be a crowning ceremony, and I will keep you all up to date for when that will be held, as it will depend on the time zone of the winner!

Directions - Do /t spawn Thimblebean, there will be directional signs. Follow the path left of the town hall, then right before Trecker’s street, turn left again. There will be a little path, leading up the archway with banners on it!

A few rules - Please only vote once. For the carnival game, please ONLY play a single round. One-shot, at any of the buttons, and that’s it. All the prizes are good. If something gets stuck, which I don’t think it should, you can contact me at Nugles#3989 if I’m not on.

I hope you can drop by, and have some fun! :smiley: