FaKe_T3line Helper Application

What is your IGN?:

Do you have past experience in a staff position?:
I have a decent ammount of discord server moderation experience and not so much on minecraft, only on a few little servers that slowly died off because they were lacking server updates.

What timezone do you live in?:
GMT+2(Winter) and GMT+3(Summer)

How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
I’ve started playing since early 2010 in the alpha minecraft until mid 2016, then made a big break in gaming and started focusing on studies. Now i continued playing since 2018 november, so i roughly have 6-7years of experience.

How long have you been on the server, and how active are you?:
so far i have 300 hours on this server. During weekdays i play for arround 2-3 hours and during weekends i play for up to 8-9hours.

Have you ever been banned before, and if so, why?:
I have been banned for a month on Hypixel for clicking too fast while i was shooting a bow which got me concerned about their anti-cheat system being broken but other than that i haven’t.

What can you contribute to the server as a staff member?:
Since new players are flowing into this server so fast recently, I could assist new players with getting the understanding of the server because a lot of them ignore the rules and start griefing the world which makes me really annoyed and i have to bother other mods.

Additional comments:
My activity might drop sometimes because i’m in my last grade at school so i’ll have to prepare for exams.

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