EVENT: May's Building Contest

Theme: Treehouse
Starts: May 9th
Ends: May 30th 12:00 AM (PST)

1. Pick a spot in your base and start building with the theme in mind.

2. Send the coordinates of the plot to a staff member, this will count as your entry.
Do remember to list any players who are helping you build.

  • Teamwork is allowed. You can’t however be working on multiple builds, stick to one group.
  • No pre-existing builds are allowed, meaning you need to build something new and/or update the already existing build so it qualifies.
  • Reward will be given to one person, you can split the prize among those that helped you.
  • Please make sure to submit the build before the end date, your build will not be judged if there was no entry.

1st Place: 15k + Diamond Key
2nd Place 10k + 2 Gold Key
3rd Place 5k + One Gold Key


I know it may be weird to comment on this one, but for the upcoming Halloween contest, how and where do i send it to a staff member?

oh wait, nvm, just figured it out right after i asked xD