Ban Appeal for iwun

What is your IGN?:

Why did you get banned?:
Hacked Client

Who banned you?:

Have you ever been banned before, and if so, why?:

What will you change to not get banned again?:
I dont think i have to change anything, but if I do, i will stop using badlion

Additional comments:
Badlion Client is not a hacked client and doesn’t promote hacking, as it has a built in anti-cheat. It is used to boost frames, add cosmetics and again, have an anti-cheat. Whether or not you think that keystrokes and potion effect shower is a cheat, then so be it. I think there is a way to turn off the settings you dont want within Badlion client itself, like Hypixel does. I can show you, i dont have hacks, and Badlion isn’t a hacked client.

Does anyone even check these forums. I would like at least a response because now I have to sit in and out to check for a reply and I cant get anything in the past 2 day bruh.