Another Auto-Filter Idea

Alright, I’ll try to be brief, but I had an idea. So, like, what if there was a manual review for when someone trips the auto-filter? I’ve had 2 books yeeted by it despite (at least as far as I know) having no profanity at all. The latter was an encrypted book, so it is possible that one of the encrypted words could be interpreted as a a curse and that brings me to my idea. What if we had a manual review thing? 'Cause I feel like it would help with the auto-filter getting rid of harmless things and nobody being able to even get it reviewed so that maybe an admin or something can overrule the auto-filter and let the message pass. But since I couldn’t do it there, I’ll do a small message here. Z lta ao zhxx fpi eg bvfex peesv ax zao vrvoyqk xxut mzox qhjj xh iebu xh qrfrwnoe beh lqugw.

By the way, the key to decode that message is somewhere in this post and when you find it, it’ll seem super obvious.