About the Staff Application category

Want to apply to be staff on the server? To get started create a new topic in the Staff Application category and copy and paste the application below filling in your answers.

Do you like to help others? Are you an active member of the community? Do you want to help CerealLand grow and strengthen the community? If so, you’re exactly what we are looking for!

We are looking for new staff members to help out the community! Below is the format, simply copy it in a new thread and fill it out. Make sure to include any detail you might find useful, applications with a lot of detail have a far higher chance of getting approved.

What we’re looking for in new staff:

  • We recommend you have played on the server for at least 2 months
  • Are knowledgable about server rules and policies
  • Are responsible, helpful, and able to behave professionally
  • Prior staff experience is preferred, but not required

What is your IGN?:
Tell us your in-game name. This is especially important if your forum username doesn’t match your Minecraft name.

Do you have past experience in a staff position?:
Tell us anything you feel is relevant here, not limited to solely Minecraft.

What timezone do you live in?:
This lets us know at what times you can be active.

How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
A rough estimate is fine.

How long have you been on the server, and how active are you?:
Give us an estimate of the times you’re online.

Have you ever been banned before, and if so, why?:
Let us know of your ban history. Feel free to justify any of these bans, if you’d like.

What can you contribute to the server as a staff member?:
Assemble a paragraph or so explaining what makes you the best candidate.

Additional comments:
Anything we missed you want to tell us?