About the Ban Appeals category

Have you been banned and want to be un-banned?

Copy the format down below into a new thread and simply answer all the questions.

Once you’ve done that staff will discuss your case and keep you updated on the situation.
Please note that temporary bans will instantly be denied and you will automatically be un-banned once your temp ban has expired.

What is your IGN?:
Tell us your in-game name. This is especially important if your forum username doesn’t match your Minecraft name.

Why did you get banned?:
Tell us why you got banned/ban reason

Who banned you?:
You can find this information on the ban screen when you try to log in.

Have you ever been banned before, and if so, why?:
Let us know of your ban history. Feel free to justify any of these bans, if you’d like.

What will you change to not get banned again?:
What exactly will you do differently to not get banned again.

Additional comments:
Anything we missed you want to tell us?

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